Garbage Disposal Installation & Repair
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Garbage disposal maintenance

Whether you currently have an existing garbage disposal or you want one installed for the first time, All Star Plumbing can handle this plumbing job for homes in the Ballston area including Glenville, Scotia, and Round Lake, NY. We install ½ horsepower, ¾ hp as well as 1 hp disposal models. We are more than happy to help you decide on the appropriate model to meet your household demands.

Garbage disposals are available as continuous feed as well as batch feed models. Continuous feed garbage disposals are those that have a power switch that you turn on and off to control the power of your disposer. A batch feed disposer has a special strainer that you put inside the drain and acts as a key to turn the unit on. Generally speaking, a continuous feed is good if you have large amounts of waste to grind, but the manufacturer recommends running water while the power is on so if water is an issue as in some rural areas, this would be a matter to consider. Batch feed is good for smaller amounts of waste and does offer added safety since foreign objects cannot fall in the disposal while it is running.

Garbage disposals can make your life so much easier when it comes to doing the dishes and cleaning up after meals. Rather than having to put food into the garbage can where it will begin to spoil and smell, simply send it into the food waste disposer, grind it up and wash it away.

Despite the power rating of your food waste disposer, it is important to know that not all waste should be sent down the drain. Stringy vegetables such as celery are one of those stubborn foods that just do not grind well. If you are on a septic system, we still can recommend the appropriate disposer for your home Again it is necessary to be mindful of what you put down the garbage disposal if you are on a septic system. Never pour grease or oil down your sink.

In the event that a foreign object gets jammed into the blade of the garbage disposal, call All Star Plumbing here in Ballston Lake, NY. We have special disposal unjamming tools that can retrieve the object and restore functionality of the unit without damaging the blades or making the replacement of any parts necessary.

If you have any questions about the installation or maintenance of garbage disposals, we welcome your inquiries. You can call us or send an email via our contact form. We are only too happy to put your mind at ease.

If you are considering a new garbage disposal or need a plumber to repair an old disposer.