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Hot water heater repairs & maintenance

The days of tank type water heaters lasting 20 or more years are over, however, there are ways to ensure your water heater will operate efficiently for as long as possible in your Schenectady. Glenville, Ballston Lake, or Saratoga home. Consumer reports suggest that today’s water heater tanks should last approximately 6 years on average which, coincidentally, is exactly what the factory warranty is on most tanks. Any local plumber will tell you the reasons for the decreased life expectancy of a water heater are insufficient servicing of the

Schenectady and Saratoga plumbing code requires tank type heaters be installed in a way to protect the customer, their home and their investment. Galvanized steel exhaust vents must be sized according to the BTU load of the heater. In most cases a water heater installed with the traditional 3” steel vent, will have to be updated to a 4” vent to meet code requirements and the needs of the heater. The gas line installed to the gas valve of the heater must be installed to code with the proper emergency gas shut off valve as well as a sediment trap to pick up any debris and protect the gas valve.

Hot water heater maintenance & repair, Ballston Lake, NY

Annual hot water heater maintainance

All Star Plumbing’s annual water heater service maintenance will extend the life of your residential water heater. The tank should be flushed to eliminate any sediment building up at the bottom of the tank. At this time, the exhaust should be checked by our plumbing staff for proper draft , water lines should be checked for any leaks, valves should be exercised to make sure they function properly, the air intake on the heater should be cleaned to maximize airflow and the sacrificial anode should be checked to make sure it is still doing its job. Any defaults and necessary water heater repairs can be made by our plumbers.

Electric water heaters
have upper & lower thermostats &  elements
that should be checked during water heater service as well.

Having no hot water can be very frustrating, which is why we make it our priority to get hot water restored as soon as possible. Some common water heater faults are a result of bad electric elements, bad thermostat, bad gas valve, low gas pressure, faulty or no thermal expansion tank, faulty temperature and pressure relief valve, ignitor or flame sensor in need of cleaning, faulty flammable vapor sensor, faulty thermocouple, faulty fan motor, plugged intake or exhaust piping, tank rupture.

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